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And That’s the Whole Ball of Wax

Had the pleasure of watching the second act of tonight’s 10:30 show among the crowd. What a palpable enthusiasm in the room, among actors and attendees alike. With that it’s time to celebrate! Signing off. Thanks, everybody. Yer beautiful.

We’re at our last intermission!

Standing-room-only crowd in stitches.

A Success of a Show

It didn’t take much of Broadway Behind Bars for our stage manager to pipe up backstage, “This is too good.” It’s a play about a ragtag group of convicts fumbling through the staging of a new musical. The thing hit a really lovely range of emotions, drawing out sympathetic ‘awes’ and guffaws and all kinds of sounds in between. All actors from all seven plays are now onstage taking bows, confetti in the air, a beaming audience filing out as […]

Comic Relief Aptly Titled

Comic Relief came together nicely for a beguiling performance. Our two characters, graduating high school seniors, exchange some endearing thoughts on sex, the future and Eliza Dushku. The play is set in a comic-con autograph line, one boy dressed as Green Arrow, the other as Joker. A couple self-referrential jokes and puns elicit just the right amount of groaning and eye-rolling.

A Little Soft Porn for the Start of Act II…Starts Act II

A Little Soft Porn for the Start of Act II just killed it. It’s a play about sperm. That is, our four characters are sperm, at first attempting to distract one another in an effort to prevent an…incident during copulation. Then eventually it’s time, and they organize an ‘evacuation plan.’ The whole play takes place under the loud moaning of ‘Clarissa,’ who drives the sperm-men–and incidentally the audience–to a perverse and titillating distraction. Thunderous noise as actors withdraw. Good old […]

Rescue Her, Intermission

Augustson’s Rescue Her is a mind trip. So much of a trip, in fact, when it concluded our lights engineer turned to me and joked, “We should let the 10:30 audience know they should bring their own acid.” A hallucinogenic journey into a strange world of confusion and loss. And with that, intermission is upon us. Be back shortly.

Bliss Potential, a Play on Penance

Bliss Potential is among my personal favorite offerings of the weekend. The play, as I mentioned in the tech write-up, is brilliantly acted by Roy Stanton And Ahren Buhmann. At lights up, with Stanton alone onstage, I was so taken with his physical work, how masterfully he stepped into the body of a drug addled, broken rock ‘n’ roll icon, I turned to the gentleman next to me in the booth and said, “He’s so damn good.” An engrossing, complete […]

My Oh My in Full Effect

My Oh My clipping along well, a portrait of a man escaping the hardships of life into the unadulterated joys of “Griffey rounding third” in the 1995 ALDS.

Page One on Point

Several changes to Page One choreography since I saw it in tech a few hours ago. Cheering crowd seems to approve of the Dirty Dancing dance number. Twas a pleasure to see the thing in its entirety, a comedy about smut-peddling ‘journalists.’ With that we’re off and running!

The House is Open!

We’re just a few minutes shy of showtime! The place is filling out rapidly and buzzing. One of our playwrights backstage just assured me: “The energy is f#####g perfect.”