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One last post

Had to wait until I was home with better bandwidth to upload these videos of the band rehearsing on Sat 1/15.

When all is said and done…

There is another successful weekend of 14/48 in the books. Happy audiences. Tired crews. Actors in a haze. Party at Belyea’s place, or something like that. I’ve enjoyed sharing these days with you all. I still don’t feel like any sort of “insider.” I doubt I ever will. But I’m happy to have had such wonderful people around me who did their best to make me feel like part of the family. And that, I suppose, is one of the […]

Linda Lu’s Final Post

Thanks to everyone for a great day. I can’t wait to see the shows in full swing. You’re all amazing and inspiring artists. Now give me a beer!

FINAL company meeting of Winter 2011 14/48

All present and accounted for! HIGH ENERGY fo shurah 8pm was sold out at 10am and the 10:30 is almost full! Completely completely completely clear out this room after this meeting. Four volunteers needed….and…DONE. After a man in an orange & red rides off stage on a clown bike, music, black and then AFTER lights come up is curtain call. Strike: As soon as 10:30 is over, all off stage because load-in for next show is early next AM. Michael […]

Tech Show #7

Show #7 – Larson vs. Whammy by Celene Ramadan Directed by Annie Lareau FINAL TECH OF THE FEST!!! Have we mentioned yet on the blog that the events in this show actually happened? No? Well, they did. Exactly. Pay attention. Lareau takes a hands-on approach and works with Miranda to set pieces where she wants them while simultaneously working with the band on the game show theme song. Everyone’s energy is suddenly pumped and excited. Could it be the light […]

Tech Show #6

Show #6 – Revenge of the Goldfish by Brandon J. Simmons Directed by Greg Carter The penultimate tech of the January 14/48! All set pieces from the previous show are struck and a bus stop comes on. We’ve been running over a little more each tech and are now 20 minutes behind schedule but everything looks so great that it will all be worth it come tonight. Tera McDonald and Brian Simmons work the opening blocking while Carter sets some […]

It’s the little things that matter

The entire house is excited by an NBC logo. It’s the little things that matter. And *that’s* one to grow on.

Tech Show #5

Show #5 – Boombas by Elizabeth Heffron Directed by Brian Faker Actors entrance taken off the band to nicely time out with the end of their song. Lovely and talented ladies Annette Auger, Alyssa Bostwick and Susanna Burney kick off the run while light levels are sent. Faker changes Keith Dahlgren’s entrance to the HR vom. I now know what the velcro boobs were for. “We don’t say cheating. It’s called sexual mismanagement.”

Petty cash for a body shave? Oh, no, that’s free

 Aging beautifully  as in, “don’t?”   “That’s good, cuz we only got them one.”   A Brian Faker Moment  Megan’s breakfast of champions  Hello Kitty 

Strollin through designer land

While tech is going on, designers are crankin out the costumes, makeup, props and sets. “She really is the retirement home slut.” “Oh, that gourg-ois! It really is wonderfully awful.” “Now that’s a pile o’ money.”   one day, she’ll go into plastics  It’s a boob. There’s a whole bunch of them drying in front of the fan…. oh…is that the same size nipple? No! Glad I looked.”   Costumes costumes costumes…”the Whammy costumes are gonna be awesome!”