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Aaaaaaaand scene. On to the next festival!

That’s a wrap, ladies and gentlemen, 14/48 2010 summer festival has come and gone! Missed it? See a glimpse of the process and what you missed here: We had a great time working hard for awesome audiences. Enormous thanks to our festival host, Theatre Off Jackson, to all of the artists, designers, crew, photographers, bloggers, donors, and especially all of the volunteers who helped make both weekends a great success! See you at ACT for the 14/48 2011 winter […]

Don’t look at me…

Megan Ahiers keeps looking at me like I’ve done something. I don’t know. I just don’t know. It’s not because I’m stoned. I’m not stoned. I just don’t know. 8:00 show will be starting any time now… any time…

And now, a word from Doogie…

December 13, 1992… A mother-son relationship has many stages: unconditional love, animosity, rejection, friendship… It’s a lot to go through all in one weekend. Thank you, Doogie. As Jose Amador said in a 14/48 a few years back, “your words fall on my ears like jelly doughnuts.”

Miracles are for suckas’!

What happened at the meeting… * Erin Stewart walked in wearing something sexy and then hit on Jesus Christ.* Deb informed people to puke outside if they have to puke. Apparently last weekend we had a puker who missed the toilet… I blame Heather Gautschi.* Belyea told me to ‘Shut the fuck up.’* Otherwise, the standard 7:00 meeting… clean up your shit and have a good show. I’m going to get another beer.

7:00 Meeting

Going into the seven o’clock meeting I feel like a pinata filled with pizza, beer, chips, beer and cookies. If a little Mexican boy were to smash me open I would rain down joy… half digested joy. Belyea just printed something off on the printer… I think it was porn. Or something for the meeting. Or maybe porn which will be shown at the meeting. Jim Jewell and Alex Samuels are cleaning dishes. Scrubbing those suckers spotless. Jodi-Paul just SCREAMED. […]

Tech – Show 7

Jaime Roberts (director for show 7) is telling the band something. I can only imagine she’s telling them to stop getting stone and stealing people’s shit. There are three camping chairs on the stage. Actors are sitting in those chairs and acting. Two of them are wearing bath robes. There have been lots of bath robes today. I don’t know, between the bath robes and the screaming I’m about to lose my freakin’ ‘It’s a Miracle’ mind. Oh lord, please […]


I may have spoiled a surprise in SHOW 6 by revealing that Patrick Apple-corn is wearing a dress. Disregard. He’s not wearing a dress under his bathrobe… no… he’s wearing… a chicken suit… yeah… a big chicken suit.He’s definitely not wearing a dress and I definitely didn’t spoil anything for you, the viewer at home. He is, however, eating a corn dog. A big, juicy corn dog with ketchup.

Tech – Show 6

Hahahahahaha… Patrick Apple-corn is in a dress! Now that’s funny! There are three things which will trump all other comedy in my book and they are…* Chimps in human clothing* Orchestrated farts* Patrick wearing a dressHahaha! The only thing that would make this show better would be a chimp entering in a business suit and Andromeda giving us a symphony of farts. Speaking of chimps, Jensen just entered the booth. Nothing but love Jensen… you just happened to enter while […]

Tech – Show 5

Here it is… the show about Elvis and Jesus having sex. Oh shit. Now they’re giving lines to the band. Great – what next? Jesus enters from the aisle? Oh shit… what do you know. Here comes Jesus mother flerging Christ. Jason and Dante are moving seemlessly through the show. While I was sitting in the booth, Jason and I came up with a play for tonight called ‘Miracle on Ice’. The play begins with the a crack addict in […]

Tech – Show 4

In the booth with Jason and Dante. They are both hard at work making sure we get the technical needs taken care of for all of these fine shows… DAMN! I just heard another person scream! What’s with all of the screaming!?!? Show 4 is a musical and I notice Jose Amador is not on the stage during the songs. Uh oh, someone shot himself in the foot while “singing” Beatle tunes last night. There’s a mic in the booth […]