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Hey 14/48er’s. The link for photos from the Into The Fire/Over the Rainbow weekend will only be available for another week, so get them while you can at the link below.

14/48 Over The Rainbow Weekend Photos by Auston James

Hello 14/48ers. Here is a link to the photos from the Over The Rainbow/Into The Fire Weekend. I think I got shots of just about everybody, so if you can’t find one of yourself be sure to check the Tech Albums, you might be in there. If you use a photo, I’m grateful for a photo credit. Love you all, Auston

Post Everything

The thing about 14/48 is that it happens and then it’s gone, which makes recapping the event after it’s all said and done kind of pointless. You weren’t there? Well, you didn’t get to see David Schmader’s stunningly spot on ode to bad theater experiences, for one thing. You also didn’t get to see that entire cast nail it, every single one of them, with all due kudos for the direction. The next thing you missed was Keira MacDonald in […]

The Last 7:00pm Meeting in January 2010

If you’ve been following the festival for awhile, you should know the War Cry of 14/48: Artist Liaison: 8 o’clock show? All: OPENING NIGHT ENERGY!!! Artist Liaison: 10:30 show? All:  CLOSING NIGHT ENERGY!!!! Artist Liaison:  If you think you’re talking too loud? All:  SPEAK UP Artist Liaison: and if you start feeling tired? All:  RAISE THE FUCKING STAKES!!!!! Therese Henning, owner of the Seattle Body Bar, is providing massages for artists through the 8pm show. Tech was a real bitch […]

A Few Moments From Tech…

That Time is here… 6:13pm

It is that time after dinner has started, tech is almost done.  Anyone who has done tech sits and eats.  Catch up on the shows and the weekend.  The next gig…  but no one really talks about what’s coming… No one wants to REALLY talk about what could happen.  Just the funny stories which you’ve read below.  I think if someone totally unaware of 14/48 walked into this room, that person would think “This is a room full of spies.  […]

Tech Show #7 Jonah Von Spreecken’s Pretty Flowers

Correction, it’s the Rainbow Song, from the Muppet Movie, and not the Muppet Show theme. Another calm crew (maybe it’s the later tech time that allows this to be the case). Von Spreecken and JD Lloyd give us a demented and colorful child’s world, which the actors are having a good time exploring (Amanda Williams’ lisp is priceless and truly, Betty Campbell and Clara Rodriguez as a young children? Goodness). Action takes over the Falls Theater and incorporates the band […]

The Beige One Signing Off

Pretty good day today, only downside is missing the tech for show #1. But tech is over, things are basically set. All that’s left now is the band meeting and then the shows. I plan to be back in time for the 10:30p show, which promises to be a massive release for all of these people. It’s dinner time, and everyone is eating the delicious food brought in from Bizarro’s restaurant. For dessert, the cast enjoys pies and brownies cooked […]

Tech Show #6 La Cris Jordan’s Beyond the Rain

Not even two minutes into tech, and this crew earns the “calmest group during tech” award. They spend it running the last cue in the piece, which is fairly detailed. Here’s the argument for keeping things simple: they will leave tech having mastered the major trouble spot in their play. Looks like Jordan’s decision to pull things back for this play seems to be paying off nicely.

Tech Show #5 Nick Stokes’ Conducting Business

The band shows off its impressive golf swing sound effect. Sylvie Davidson is in the SR vom clearly muttering her lines to herself. Why is Kaleb H-K wearing a band-aid on his finger? This is one of those shows that will continue to solidify the closer it gets to the performance, but the actors/directors feel overwhelmed in breaking it down to its component parts for something like tech. It is tough. However, they are all performing it impressively and I […]