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Observation #6

Rehearsal 5-5:30pm – Ordinary People by Josef Krebs, directed by Linda Lombardi Well, this is it. This is the last show I’m going to be able to observe. I’m missing one. And even this one, I almost missed. I knock on the door of their rehearsal space and hear “come in” but when I poke my head in, there’s no one there. Then I hear “hello” from behind me and Michael Patten is standing behind the door loading up his […]

The glory of Tech.

You know what the best thing about tech rehearsals at 14/48? There’s no time for anyone to be an asshole. Everyone is cooperating and listening to one another…no diva acts from any side here. That’s the running theme…there is simply no time to incorporate your ego in these things. Also, to anyone who works a 14/48 in their lifetime: Take five minutes out of your schedule to watch another shows’ tech. I guarantee that you will see magic happen.

Observation #5

Rehearsal 4:15-5pm When I Slip Out To Play by Carl Sander, directed by Tim Hyland I heard Annette Toutonghi say earlier today that she “had a poem”. Now I find out what she meant by that. I catch tech rehearsal for this show and it is in verse – all of it. I’m in awe of the courage and the craft that went into writing this show and in awe of what Annette, R. Hamilton Wright and Shawn Law are […]

Observation #4

Rehearsal 3-3:30pm – Just Drink It by Paul Mullin, directed by Brian Faker Brian has decided not to go back to his rehearsal space at the Rep so his cast is at On the Boards trying to find a corner in which to rehearse. This is how it happens that Tracy Hyland and Connor Toms are practicing a sex scene on the floor up against a couch in the food hallway. They have to be quieted for the director’s meeting […]

Someone says…

Someone says, “Still Life: Smoking Man with Cookies” and we look up and Alex Samuels is putting his cigarette out before he comes in with his arms full of cookies. He says, “John Bradshaw rocks!” Apparently John is responsible for the cookies – which means, he really does rock! Someone says, “Have you heard there’s a play with gay werewolves.” “No, seriously?” “Yeah, just an ordinary gay couple but, you know, werewolves.” Someone says, “This is the worst support group […]

Everybody’s working for the weekend

Well, no, not technically, but that’s the song that the band is rehearsing right now. A big shout out must be given to Jason Harber, who’s sitting in on the band for tonight’s show. He, as well the rest of them, sound fantastic, as always. Random Question: Has there been any time that the band has not sounded fantastic? Money’s on it has never happened. PDO’C just walked through the lobby, sighed “Jesus Fuckin’ Christ…” and left. Erin Kraft, the […]

Observation #3

Rehearsal 11:30am-12:15pm Hansani Safari by Heidi Heimarck, directed by Andy Jensen Once again, without having the official schedule in hand, I suspect this is Heidi’s piece… and it is. And, once again, I can’t exactly explain how I know but there’s something about Heidi’s writing that is poetic and specific and embraces the mystery of the world. And this is a mysterious piece. They are well into the process, the actors are even speaking whole lines without looking at their […]

Observation #2

Rehearsal 10:45-11:30am – A Whole Mess of Badgers by Kelleen Conway-Blanchard, directed by Erin Kraft I’m familiar with several of this weekend’s writers so, even though I’m not sure whose script is being rehearsed in the lobby area (there’s no playwright there), I am certain within a few lines that it is Kelleen’s. I can’t tell you exactly how I know. It’s the rhythm of her language, her word choices, the nature of the people she imagines. Her humor sneaks […]

Grilled Cheese Sammiches and Grape Laffy Taffy for lunch.

Washed down with some refreshing Mountain Dew…and some carrots, cause we’re on a diet. Preserving the tool, folks. Michael and Katie are in a quandry. They’re looking for some moondust. Do you have any? Has anyone been? Does anyone have ideas? They just nixed an idea where a large beach ball would play the moon. Apparently, you can’t papier mache something and expect it to not be wet by tech. Remember, your limitations are your inspiration! Charles Smith (not just […]

Observation #1

Rehearsal 10-10:45am – Wilderness by Moll Frothingham directed by Basil Harris I stayed in the back of the studio theatre as everyone left the morning meeting so I could be innocuous as I observe rehearsal. Basil invites actors into the circle. Playwright Moll is in the circle, as well – this is her last few minutes in the 14/48 room before she heads home to sleep. When she comes back, the creation will be complete. This is a fun piece […]