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Tech Time!!

Currently in the Theatre watching the tech of show #3, Single’s Night. I tell you true, this is shaping up to be a pretty damn good evening of shows. And I was wrong, the Star Trek theme comes up at the end of show number three, not number one. My bad. It’s pretty much your run of the mill tech, except you get a work with a band, and you pretty much get a few precious minutes to put it […]

Director’s meeting

All the directors are now downstairs meeting with Lou and Tim. Here is where everyone talks about the technical needs of their show, and the spine of what you’ll all be seeing in less than five hours really starts to take shape. The big theme of this meeting is discussing the set pieces needed, and orchestrating set changes. Set changes are my most favorite thing ever, because if you screw them up ever so slightly, it becomes a play about […]

Apropros of nothing, pt. 1

Listening to the band rehearsing their Star Trek bit (which I assume is for the first show – set in space, remember), when Eric hits the first two notes on the piano, I am reminded not of the Star Trek theme, but the first two notes of ABBA’s “The Winner Takes it All.” Can someone else confirm this for me later tonight? I’m not going crazy, am I? Cause if I’m the only one who thinks that I’m going to […]

The Wall

Have you hit it yet? I sure as shit haven’t! Though I wouldn’t complain if someone brought me an iced coffee. {EDIT: Deb Fialkow is getting me one, securing her position as the best. person. ever.} So never mind. I’m up here in the theatre again, listening to some jams being concocted by the band. Hearing some original stuff, along with some Star Trek, some You Shook Me All Night Long…it’s sounding pretty great I must say. Ladies and gentleman, […]

You look like you could use some more photos.

You look too thin. Here you go. They’re nutritious and good for you.

Reheasing begins-Blocking, memorizing, dancing?

Aimee Bruneau and Peter Dylan O’Connor Mark Fullerton Bruce Hall and Shane Regan Ben Burris Chuck Leggett Troy Fishnaller Gary Menendez Shawn Belyea Kate Kraay Alyssa Keene Photos by Annie Lareau

First Impressions, part the second.

Just jotted over to the Rep to catch the other two plays, Darian Lindle’s Human Nature (There was a hot rumor the show title was changing earlier this morning, but I haven’t heard if that came into fruition or no), directed by Katjana Vadebancoeur, and Jim Jewell’s It’s Your Turn, directed by Scott Francis. Here’s what I can tell you about Human Nature. It’s the Nun, chicken, doctor, etc. play. It closes the bill tonight, so it better go big […]

Pictures from the morning!

I’m not lazy, but I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. Courtesy of the multi-talented Matt Larson.

So close, yet so far

I know that I am not officially supposed to be blogging until Saturday. I know that I am at work right now, being paid to answer phones and help tourists. I know that I am not getting paid to read the 14/48 blog or to sit here ruminating about what is happening at On the Boards. But I can’t help it. I am so jealous of all the awesomeness that is happening just a few blocks from the cubicle in […]

Carolyn Monroe and MJ Sieber awaiting the draw Mik Kuhlman choosing her actors Chris Bell Pattie Miles Van Beauzekom E. Elizabeth Eiler  Katjana Vadebancoeur  Darian Lindle listening to her play “Human Nature”Carolyn Monroe reading “It’s your turn” Photos by Annie Lareau