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more Rehearsal and Tech fab photos!

HALF TIME with Erin

I mean intermission. It’s a great show! I watched the first act from the stairs, because this hizzy is PACKED. Leotards, records, cubicles and toilet paper. But so much more…. Really? You’re not here? Oh, what? You’re reading this blog? Well let me tell you something: If you are reading this very well written blog, in your sweatpants in between wikipedia searches, you are missing out on something fabulous, my friend! So, you know what? You are not that smart. […]


Alex is dressed in a, shall we say, snug leotard. James is screaming for his radio, it is in his pocket. Jodie is dressed in his wonderful 1448 jacket. Peggy is continually saying the theme of yesterday’s show “Why women gotta BE like that?”. Actors are in varying stages of dress and make-up. I learned to toss toilet paper correctly. Harvey is being burped. Whiskey is being poured into flasks. Mik is looking for her Shakespeare book. Matthew Richter says, […]

7pm Meeting

All artists are in the room. They all made it to the meeting. Announcements: We need to learn the kermit the frog song. The band is coming in to teach. Buy shirts! We have them. James Frounfelter is wearing his 45th bandana. An appropriate black bandana for crewing backstage. Thank you to Liz for helping with kitchen stuff! Tonight is the last night in the January 2009 1448. Go out and blow their doors off. Every seat has a superman […]

Random things – the band and making stuff


thank you bizzaro. delicious. we have options of meaty. veggie. and veggie. yum. overhearing matthew richter. sound super pleased about his play. his eyes are happy. Amanda lee is strolling in a lovely bedtime style/utilitarian long-john number. The babies are cute. Shawn Belyea has make-up on, looking quite rosy. Tampon owner found. I will keep discretion, but put your mind at ease knowing they have gotten back to their owner.

more Tech.

cue to cue. lights, entrances, and exits. there are a lot of people to focus. pay attention and retain.toliet paper to throw.quick changes to happen.cues to pick up.and music to rock.

OH, ok.

So Peggy and Peter informed me that a play can have sound cues, just not from the booth. If the band is willing, then it is ok. I am plugged in to the power strip at Base Camp and listening to the band play We Didn’t Start The Fire. Anne Conte is folding programs for the night. And others. Mik Kuhlman is asking for a quick change helper. Annette has offered to step in. Go Annette!


So now, since my picture show FINALLY UPLOADED, I am sitting down at tech in the theater. I almost don’t want to be in here because I don’t want to give anything away. So I’ll be all secret-like. There is a VERY long music cue, which I walked in during. It went on forever. It’s supposed to, but it went on extra long because the band was waiting for lights to cut them off, and lights were waiting for the […]

Friday Night Pics.