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Of Course I Stayed Too Late

Whatever. You should know that the 14/48 crew delivered a solid evening of top shelf work, you shoulda seen it. Each play had numerous stand out moments and performances, and listing them all, fuggedaboudit, I gotta work in the morning. Thank you for reading, keep checking back as there are still more stunning pictures to put up, a couple more videos, and I will be giving birth live on this blog in the very near future. Look for the Name […]

Finished Just In Time

Okay, the 8:00p is about an hour away, and the plan is everyone in the Black Box for the 7p meeting… And we’re back. There’s more to come, there are a few more things to post, but the bulk of the gig is done. I got caught in my own version of 14/48 madness, but am finishing today feeling pretty tops. “And the day is won!” – line spoken by Annette Toutonghi “1st Show: Opening Night Energy! 2nd Show: Closing […]

Actor Check In: Deneice Bleha & Marty Mukhalian

Then you get to work with people like these two. I’ll just let them speak for themselves.

Tech Check In: Dante Olivia-Smith

You need good tech people. There’s just no other way to put it. In Seattle, the good ones end up becoming quite well-connected people. By gaining a reputation, demand is such, that the trajectory is consistently moving upward. Which is why it’s bittersweet to see one go. So, yeah, Dante, what can be said? All of the above applies, now add direct, not meek, and fucking gets the job done. She once spent a few hours replicating a Picasso and […]

Checking in with Brian Stricklan

Each script requires a certain number of items in order to create the world they’re living in, so, there needs to be someone who isn’t designing the sets or running around putting costumes together to simply focus on the gathering of those items. This is where your prop wrangler comes in. Need a hacked off arm? How about a vintage Esquire magazine? No? Oh, you need a blackboard welcoming back the class of ’88 on one side, and a large […]

Checking in with Aaron LaPlant

As mentioned in the weekend’s first entry (which feels like it was written months ago), the nervousness afflicts each artist participating in 14/48 in a manner unique to the individual. Here Aaron Laplant explains what his nervousness comes down to: Later, there will be pictorial evidence of other things Aaron had to overcome on top of his fear…

Pulling A Spott

A large part of the machinations of 14/48 is the random nature of everything. A random theme is drawn, random cast assignments (i.e. 2 men, 3 women) are given to the playwrights, the directors pick their play and their cast at random. Given this, and chaos being what it is, there are times when certain patterns emerge, and you’ll have a weekend where an actor will get cast as a hobo from Kankakee with a penchant for flashing on both […]

Item: “Artists” Freak Out Tourists

A group of actors had decided to take up space in the hallway outside the Center House Theater for rehearsals, which featured some loud moaning and wailing. Going through the gauntlet a couple simply walking around the Center House with their children, they took tenuous steps as their children tried to get as far away from the weirdly clad group as possible.

Other Images From Day One

Kudos once again to Rob Jones, Gina Jen and Deb Fialkow for their work on photography this weekend. A stellar job all around, and leaving me truly grateful that I didn’t have to supply my amateurish nonsense taken with my rinky dink camera. As always, click on the photograph to get a larger image. Here goes: Gordon Carpenter and Chris Bell rehearsing Ki Gottberg’s Oooh, Great One. Senator Winkler in a compromising position. (Glen Hergenhahn’s Giant Expectorants) Jodi-Paul Wooster-Brown, 14/48 […]

ITEM: Missing Bench

For the second weekend straight, the bench right outside the Center House goes missing. Who in the world needs a park bench badly enough and for a short enough period of time that it inevitably returns not long after it goes missing? What the hell people?