Monthly Archives: January 2008

Saturday Night Video

Here are some highlights from Saturday’s performance, set to the 14/48 Band’s cover of Pressure Drop.

Saturday Night Photos

Many thanks to David Baum for the great photos from the Saturday night performance. Official 14/48 greeter Matthew Richter. The hard-working 14/48 band. Mark Fullerton, Buddy Mahoney, and David Goldstein in The Sky Girl, written by Pattie Miles Van Beauzekom and directed by Tina La Plant. Buddy Mahoney, Mark Fullerton, Mik Kuhlman, and David Goldstein in The Sky Girl. Jenny Sue Johnson in The Swine Maiden, written by Marcy Rodenborn and directed by Jerry Manning. Aaron La Plante, Jenny Sue […]

Saturday Night Program

Another great show last night – pictures and video will be posted over the next couple days, so please check back. Here was the lineup: Theme: UNDER PRESSURE ACT IThe Sky GirlWritten by Pattie Miles Van BeauzekomDirected by Tina La PlantPerformed by Mark Fullerton David Goldstein Mik Kuhlman Buddy Mahoney The Swine MaidenWritten by Marcy RodenbornDirected by Jerry ManningPerformed by Trick Danneker Jenny Sue Johnson Aaron La Plante Bit Of ParadiseWritten by Ki GottbergDirected by Shawn BelyeaPerformed by Alex Samuels […]

The Swine Maiden in brief

I was sitting next to director Jerry Manning this morning when he received his play, The Swine Maiden, by Marcy Rodenborn, and I’ve been trying to keep tabs on its progress throughout the day… 9am: Jerry pulls Marcy’s play at random from the stack and reads through it on his own. The Swine Maiden combines Freud, Jung, pigs, and fairy tales. Although that makes the play sound like it was written by Gary Busey on acid, I promise that, on […]

Friday Performance Pix

Check out David Baum’s pix from the 8pm performance on Friday. The 14/48 Band – I’ve recently been informed that you have to sleep with two (not one) members of the band to get into a sold out show. Whether or not it’s both band members at the same time can be negotiated. Official 14/48 Greeter Matthew Richter Seanjohn Walsh, Seanjohn’s big thing, and Trick Danneker in The Big Thing, written by Ki Gottberg and directed by John Kaufmann Jenny […]

Pork Update

Michelle Stay, of the very talented and very lovely 14/48 design team, shows off the solution the team devised for the pigs in The Swine Maiden by Marcy Rodenborn. Materials Used:1 vodka box7 keg cups1 coat hangermasking tapegaffer’s tapespray paint (1 can gold, 1 can silver)

The Very Capable 14/48 Band

The band is fucking AMAZING. They show up at 11am, and nine hours later they have a two-hour show scored and rehearsed. And then they throw in an original theme song just for fun. How it breaks down is the directors each throw songs at them to intro (and sometimes outro) their plays, the band downloads the mp3 and the lyrics, they listen once, turn around, and make it happen. That means they could be learning somewhere in the neighborhood […]

Friday Performance Video

Here are some of the highlights of Friday’s performance, set to the musical stylings of the 14/48 band:

Even More Friday Photos

Virgin photographer (and all around swell guy) David Baum provided these photos from Friday day. Actor Bret Fetzer and director Jose Amador rehearse Resurrecting the King by Dennis Schebetta. Any ideas on where to find a severed head at ten in the morning? Kerri Brown-Wooster gasps at the size of Peter Dylan O’Conner’s ice cream cone. They just don’t come that big in England. Darian Lindie directs David Goldstein, Buddy Mahoney, Jason Harber, and Keria McDonald in Parachute, written by […]

Do You Smell Bacon?

Director Jerry Manning pulled Marcy Rodenborn’s play, The Swine Maiden, and one of the prop requirements is a set of identical pigs. He’s working with the design crew to figure how to create them (IN TEN HOURS), but if any of the Seattle Pigs on Parade go missing today, I had nothing to do with it.