14/48: High School

14/48:HS, the World’s Quickest All-Student Theater Festival, is an instant theater festival produced, managed, and created entirely by high-school students. Dedicated to building community through creating a supportive environment for radical artistic collaboration, the festival presents original works of the highest quality while forging connections between artists and artistic disciplines. Winner of the 2015 Teeny Award for Best Youth Engagement!

October 8th, 2016
7:30pm and 10:00pm
Stage One Theater at North Seattle College
FREE but reservations recommended and donations encouraged

14/48: HS provides students from a spectrum of schools and backgrounds the opportunity to come together and collaboratively create powerful, relevant theater in one inspired day.

Questions? Contact 14/48 HS Festival Planning Committee at highschool@the1448projects.org


Organizing Committee: Front row: Dylan Locke, Caroline Healey, Leah Jarvik, Walker Caplan; Back row: Emma Ratshin, Else Ratzliff, Ruby Daniel, Meg Ruppel, Frank Garland, Sam McHale, Analiese Guettinger.